According to Kremlin, the U.S. Patriot System won’t stop Russia from pursuing its plans for Ukraine

The U.S. supply of Patriot missile systems advanced to Ukraine was announced by Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ukrainian President. This visit did not aid in settling the conflict and do little to prevent Russia from achieving their goals. Moscow stated on Thursday.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesperson, stated to reporters that Zelenskiy had not shown any signs of willingness for peace negotiations. This proved that America was in a proxy war against Russia.

Peskov stated that the Patriot system was not conducive for a quick settlement. This cannot stop the Russian Federation from reaching its goals during the Special Military Operation,” Russia’s definition of a war that has claimed tens to thousands of lives.

Vladimir Putin said that the Patriot system was “quite outdated”, and told reporters Russia would find ways to combat it.

Zelenskiy, who invoked World War Two battles against Nazism to call for additional assistance to Russia’s invasion of 10 months ago, told Congress Wednesday that U.S. support to his country was an investment to democracy.

The Patriot system, he said, was an important part of creating an air defense.

Zelenskiy, who was standing beside President Joe Biden, stated that this is the only way to deprive terrorist states of their main weapon of terror, the ability to strike our cities and our energy.

Zelenskiy made the comments in Washington with Republicans, some of whom voice increasing doubts about Ukraine’s aid. They are set to assume control of Congress from Democrats starting Jan. 3.

On Thursday, Congress pulled closer to approval of an additional $44.9 million in economic and military assistance. This is part of a larger U.S. spending bill. This is in addition to the $50 billion that was already sent this year to Ukraine.

As Zelenskiy embarked on his first overseas trip since February 24, when the Russian invasion started, the Biden administration gave an additional $1.85 Billion in military assistance to Ukraine.

On Thursday, Zelenskiy was on his return journey to Poland when he met Andrzej Duba. Poland, which has a border of approximately 500 kilometres (310 miles) with Ukraine, has received more than 1.5million refugees from eastern neighboring countries since the start of the conflict. This is the highest number of EU nations.

On Thursday, a senior U.S. official stated that the Wagner Group, a private Russian military firm, received an arms shipment from North Korea. This was to support Russian troops in Ukraine. According to this official, Putin is increasingly turning to Wagner Group for assistance in Ukraine.

Officials from the United States believe that North Korea’s weapons delivery violates United Nations Security Council resolutions. They plan to bring this up with U.N. Security Council.

Russia claims it started its “special military operations” in Ukraine to eliminate dangerous nationalists, and protect Russian-speaking peoples. The West and Ukraine describe Russia’s actions in Ukraine as an imperialist, unprovoked land grab.

Putin stated that Russia wants to end war, and all armed conflict should be resolved through diplomatic negotiations.

John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council said that Washington had not seen any signs suggesting Putin is willing to make peace.

Mykhailo podolyak was Zelenskiy’s assistant and said that the United States has “finally identified the baseline” of the conflict.

“1. Russia must lose. 2. There is no ‘territory for pseudo/world’ compromissions. 3. All military assistance will be provided to Ukraine. We will do our best to help Ukraine. 4. He wrote that Russia’s “talk to us” hysteria …,” is not being cared about on Twitter.

In recent weeks, Russia has repeatedly attacked Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. This left millions of people without electricity or water.

Zelenskiy thanked electrical workers who worked tirelessly to maintain the lights as they celebrated Power Engineers Day, which was Thursday after the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day in the year.

Telegram: He said that even though the enemy may temporarily take us out of sight, it would not be able to leave us with the will to fix, restore and make new normal.

Moscow declared it annexed four Ukrainian provinces – Donetsk and Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, after having held so-called referendums that were invalidated by Kyiv (and the West) in September.

Russian forces control almost all of Luhansk and only about 60% of Donetsk in the east. They have been involved in an extended, costly fight for Bakhmut (a Donetsk-area industrial city with around 70,000 people) since August.

On Thursday, the Russian Chief of General Staff Valery Georasimov stated that the frontline was in Ukraine and that Moscow’s forces were concentrating on the “complete liberation of Donetsk People’s Republic.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited Ukrainian army units fighting in Ukraine. State-owned media agency RIA reported this on Thursday, citing the ministry. The location was not specified.

Two people were injured and one was killed in the Russian bombardment of Chasiv Yar on Thursday, according to Kyrylo Tymoshenko (deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office).

A Russian military-controlled area of Ukraine in the south Kherson region saw a terrorist attack that killed a local official. The Russian-installed local government blamed the “Ukrainian terrorists” for the incident.



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