After a criminal referral, GOP has ceased to embrace Trump as usual

After federal agents seized classified papers from Donald Trump’s Florida estate in July this year, the Republican Party rallied quickly behind him.

After the Jan. 6, House committee voted for the Justice Department to bring him criminal charges, this sense of urgency and intensity was gone four months later. While leading Republicans avoided Monday’s historic criminal referral, others tried to offer muted or no defenses.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was a Trump critic and suggested that the ex-president likely gained politically from the FBI’s search of his Florida house in the summertime. He also claimed Trump is at least partially responsible for the attack on the Capitol.

Hogan stated to The Associated Press that “No man can be above the law”, shortly before voting by the committee.

These divergent responses show how rapidly the political landscape has changed for Trump, as he is facing a new legal challenge and makes a third run for the presidency. This is a significant shift for a party that was defined by its unwavering loyalty to Trump in all situations over the past six years.

The Jan. 6 House Committee hearing, which includes seven Democrats as well two Republican Trump critics is likely to mark Congress’ last attempt to hold Trump accountable for his attack on the U.S. Capitol. This occurred while hundreds of Trump loyalists worked to confirm President Joe Biden’s victory in 2020. This criminal referral is not binding and is the result of more than 1000 witnesses.

Kevin McCarthy, Republican House Leader of the Republican Party, boycotted the committee and called it a “sham procedure.” The formal dissolution will take place on January 3, as Republicans take control of the House Majority.

Trump, ever defiant predicted that the criminal referral would eventually help him.

These people don’t understand that freedom-loving individuals rally around me when they pursue me. This strengthens me. Trump posted a statement on social media condemning Trump’s criminal referral, calling it “a partisan effort to sideline me” and his Republican Party.

The vote this week comes one month after Trump officially launched his 2024 White House Campaign. Trump had hoped his announcement as a candidate would give him more leverage in the many legal issues he has and help to ward off any potential Republican primary challengers.

These hopes are not yet realized. As emboldened Republican opponents prepare to challenge him, early polls indicate that the former president of 76 years is not likely to win the nomination for 2024.

Trump, already weak, is now preparing for possible release of his tax returns. Trump has struggled for many years to hide these records from the public. On Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee was to examine the possibility of Trump’s tax returns, including those relating to six years, being released to the public. However, it is not clear at this time when the documents will be made available.

Trump’s biggest liability going into next year’s presidential election could not be due to his legal problems. Republicans worry more about Trump’s ability to win.

After Trump’s defeat in many high-profile elections, the GOP was more concerned about Trump’s electionability. These setbacks follow deeper Republican losses during the previous two national elections held under Trump’s direction.

In fact, Trump’s first weeks in his third presidential campaign have been so disappointing that many Trump supporters are wondering if he is serious about his ambitions for 2024.

Trump was forced to apologize to the Republican Party for sharing a private dinner with Nick Fuentes, a noted white supremacist. Trump demanded the “termination of” parts of the Constitution after he claimed that 2020’s election had been stolen. His hand-picked candidate for Georgia’s Senate race was defeated by Herschel Walker (ex-football star).

Trump has never held any campaign events. After previewing the “MAJOR Announcement”, Trump unveiled last week a series of digital trading cards that depict him as a superhero.

Nevertheless, Trump is facing increasing legal problems.

Last month, Attorney General Merrick Galrland appointed a special counsel for the Justice Department to supervise its investigation into Trump’s Florida estate’s presence of classified documents. Key aspects of another probe related to the insurrections and attempts to overturn the 2020 election were also key. Separately, the Fulton County district attorney in Georgia is investigating attempts to reverse that state’s 2020 electoral results.

The DOJ cannot predict the length of the investigation or whether they will indict a current and former president. Trump, however, is not as protected from prosecution now that he has been elected president.

His party seems less inclined to support him.

After Trump launched his 2024 campaign, the Republican National Committee said it would no longer pay some of Trump’s legal expenses.

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell demanded an “immediate and complete explanation” following the August FBI search warrant executed at Trump’s home. He told reporters Monday that he only had one observation about the criminal referral. “The whole nation knows who was responsible.”

Senator Josh Hawley (Republican from Missouri) called for Garland to resign over the summer. But on Monday, Hawley was quiet on the referral by the committee, and instead focused on allegations of FBI mistakes.

Mike Pence was a former Vice President and a 2020 presidential hopeful who strongly condemned the FBI following the seizure of classified documents from Trump estate. He also offered some mild criticism to the Jan.6 committee, when given the opportunity.

As I stated in my book, “The president’s words and actions on Jan. 6, were reckless. Fox News interviewed Pence. He said that he didn’t know it was illegal to receive bad legal advice. Pence said, “When it came to the Justice Department’s future decision regarding bringing charges, I would wish that they wouldn’t bring charges against former President.”

Arkansas Gov. Arkansas Governor

The record shows that the former President. Trump is responsible to what occurred on January 6. But accountability will most likely come from Americans who want to see the country move past the January 6 events,” he tweeted.

Only a few members of Congress support Trump’s bid for 2024.

Number. Elise Stefanik (Republican House Member of the House) called the Democratic-led Committee “unconstitutional” and “illegitimate.” Trump is well-positioned for the 2020 presidential election.

Stefanik said Monday that “As of today — he had announced a few week ago at this point — Donald Trump is the only candidate, and he’s winning significant against the field,” to The Associated Press. We’ll watch and see how it goes. He’s in a strong place, I believe.”


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