After an explosion off Jersey Island, one person was killed and several others were left missing

A blast at a block on Jersey Island, just off the northern coast of France, early Saturday morning resulted in the death of one person and the disappearance of a large number.

Robin Smith, the Chief Officer of Jersey Police stated in a video that there was one fatality. It occurred shortly before 04:00 GMT. The fire was extinguished.

Smith said that fire service was called to the scene on Friday after people reported the gas smell. Smith did not provide any details about the causes of the explosion and stated that they would investigate.

Smith stated that a three-story structure, which was located close to the capital of St Helier on the island, had collapsed completely. A search and rescue operation began in an effort to locate around 12 other unaccounted persons.

According to him, 20-30 people were evacuated. Two “walking wounded”, however, are receiving treatment in hospital.

When asked about the possibility that there could be more deaths, he replied: “There must be an acceptance of the fact that there might have been more fatalities.”

Jersey, a British Crown Dependency, has a population just above 100,000.

“It’s an enormous shock for everyone this morning, but in the first instance, our condolences to the family who is affected. We’re all thinking about and praying to those who are concerned about their loved ones today,” stated Kristina Moore Chief Minister of Jersey.


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