After ballistic missile testing, sanctions were imposed on North Korea

Three senior North Korean officials have been sanctioned by the US and their Asian allies for being involved in North Korea’s missile testing.

Pyongyang has launched more than 60 ballistic missiles this year, breaking the previous record. It also tested many intercontinental ballistic rockets.

Jon Il Ho and Yu Jin were allegedly involved in the development of these weapons.

Japan, South Korea and the EU also have imposed sanctions.

For years, North Korea has been subject to severe sanctions from the West. All assets of North Korean officials based in the USA will be frozen under these sanctions. The US will ban them from all transactions with individuals or businesses in America.

The US State Department released a statement saying that “Today’s actions were taken in close coordination avec the Republic of Korea, Japan and further align our policy with our EU partners regarding the global DPRK menace.” said.

These steps are also a sign of our continued resolve to encourage accountability as a response to Pyongyang’s speed, scale and extent of missile launch.

On 18 November, Japan’s defense minister stated that North Korea had launched an intercontinental missile capable of reaching the US mainland. Tokyo reported that the missile landed approximately 210 km (130 miles) west Hokkaido.

Six nuclear tests were conducted by Pyongyang between 2006-2017. Preparations for the seventh have been completed, it is rumored. Experts think it could use this opportunity to test compact nuclear devices. Experts also claim that North Korea continues to work on improving its conventional military and short-range missile capabilities.

Kim Jong Un has made the country more assertive and has been responsible for much of the development of its weapon programme and for four out of six of its nuclear tests.

According to the US Treasury Statement, “Recent launches show the need for countries to fully apply UN Security Council resolutions which are meant to stop the DPRK acquiring the technologies and materials that Pyongyang requires to develop its banned WMD and missile capabilities.”

Some analysts in the USA believe that sanctions such as these are symbolic, and they haven’t changed Pyongyang’s behavior.

The US can sanction North Korea as many times as it wants. However, to make a lasting impact we need to suspend US Dollar correspondent bank access for those Chinese mainland institutions that handle Kim’s cash.” said Sean King of Park Strategies.


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