California approves $2.9 billion investment in double California car chargers

The California Energy Commission approved Wednesday a $2.9 Billion investment plan that will help accelerate California’s efforts to reach its 2025 goal of hydrogen refueling and electric vehicle charging.

According to the commission, this investment will see the installation of 90,000 EV chargers in the state. This is more than twice the number of chargers currently installed.

These investments, together with funds from utilities and other programs are expected to help the state reach its goal of deploying 250,000 chargers before 2025.

To support zero-emission medium and heavy duty vehicles, the state will provide $1.7 billion.

Patty Monahan, CEC’s Lead Commissioner of Transportation, stated in a statement that the plan would increase charging and hydrogen fueling access for people, businesses, and government agencies while also supporting our emerging manufacturing system and creating jobs.

The U.S. Transportation Department approved in September the plans to install electric vehicle charging stations for each of the 50 US states and Washington, as well as Puerto Rico. These chargers will cover approximately 75,000 miles (120 700 kms) on highways.

Over five years, the $1 trillion infrastructure bill will provide $5 billion for states to install electric vehicle chargers on interstate highways. States have now access to over $1.5 billion for EV charger construction.

It had earlier announced that the White House would approve 35 of 50 plans for states.

California has moved in August to make all vehicles purchased in its state by 2035 either plug-in or electric.


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