Car crashes through Massachusetts Apple Store leave at least one person dead and 16 others injured

A car drove through an Apple store at Hingham in Massachusetts and left at least one person dead. 16 were also injured, Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz stated in a Monday news conference.

Cruz stated that around 10:45 a.m., numerous 911 calls were received for assistance at Derby Street Shops. Cruz said that Hingham fire and police personnel quickly responded to several injuries at the Apple store.

Cruz stated that a dark-colored SUV appeared, and it passed through at an undetermined speed through a… glass window, striking multiple people.”

Hingham Fire Chief Steve Murhpy stated that responding units found multiple patients injured in front of and inside the store.

Murphy stated that there were 14 ambulances and seven fire engines on the scene to help injured victims. Murphy said that the chief could not provide any updates regarding victims’ condition. Cruz said that authorities are not disclosing the names of injured victims as they work to notify family members.

Cruz stated that the investigation into the crash was ongoing and active.

“Regarding operator of the motor vehicle we are investigating that. Cruz stated that they are investigating the condition of the motor vehicle. Cruz stated that Cruz has not seen the driver of the vehicle.

Cruz stated, “My understanding is that he has not been taken to hospital as of yet.” He is currently with officers.”

Cruz answered a question about how many people might have been in the Apple store at the time of the car accident. He said that it was the beginning of a holiday weekend.

“Obviously, the Apple store is very busy. Cruz stated that it was Monday of a holiday week. “So, I don’t know how many people were there. But we’ll find out,” Cruz said.

Hingham’s Apple Derby Street location is currently closed, according to its website.

The website stated that “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this store being closed”. Please use our online services until we reopen.


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