England rushes for hospital discharge to alleviate bed-blocking crisis

The National Health Service of England (NHS), aims to discharge thousands of patients in care homes or other settings within the next few weeks to help free up beds for those who are most in need during its worst winter ever.

After years of underinvestment and the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the country, as well as strike action from frontline workers over their pay, the state-run healthcare system, which provides free healthcare to all citizens, has been under severe strain.

Patients are still being seen in the corridors. Ambulances have been lining up outside of hospitals to transport patients to emergency rooms, while doctors and nurses battle to get patients out.

In a statement, the government stated that it will make 200 million pounds ($ 242 million) more funding in England for short-term care. This money would be used to purchase places of temporary care to treat patients deemed to have very low medical requirements. 50 million pounds could also be made available to enhance existing facilities.

It was not stated if Northern Ireland, Wales, or Scotland would be investing more money in care beds.

This is an attempt to resurrect a British NHS practice that was used during the pandemic. Hospitals were trying to make as many beds available for patients suffering from COVID-19.

The statement was made by Steve Barclay (health minister).

Barclays will speak to parliament Monday in order to discuss other ways to ease the NHS’s pressures.

Rishi Sunak, the British Prime Minister, stated last week that decreasing hospital wait lists is one of five priority areas for Britain in this year’s British Year. This goal might be more difficult than the others, he said.

Although the government previously promised additional funding to the NHS and social services, which included 500 million pounds ($ 600 million) for discharges of patients, the opposition Labour Party stated that the money has yet to get to the frontline and is too late to make any difference this winter.

Statistics from the Health Services showed that over 9 out of 10 hospital beds were used in the week leading up to New Year. 13,000 beds were taken by medically-fit patients.


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