Foxconn Offers to Pay Workers to Leave World’s Largest iPhone Factory

But a number of workers are unhappy with the new bonus payments. Some are even accusing the company of ignoring their concerns. They allege that the company’s contract with them is different from what was shown to them.

But Foxconn is desperate to end the unrest, and is offering to pay workers to leave its world-renowned iPhone factory. The offer is designed to stop the violence and to stop the protests.

The offer, published by Chinese online media outlet Cailianshe, promises to pay 10,000 yuan ($1,400) to workers who leave. That’s about one to two months’ wages, according to the document.

Foxconn Technology Group, which operates the world’s largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, confirmed that violent protests took place at the plant. Workers clashed with security guards and SWAT team officers. Some workers were struck with batons.

Earlier this week, workers said they were threatened with 2,000 yuan to board a bus to leave the facility. Then they were promised a 3,000 yuan bonus if they stayed for 60 days. Foxconn has also offered a 2,000 yuan payment to those who quit.

Foxconn Technology Group said the offer was to protect its workers’ health and safety. Foxconn also assured employees that their pay would be as agreed, and that the company would follow its contractual obligations.

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