Idaho Student Murders: What we Still Don’t Know

There are still questions about the murder of four University of Idaho students who were found shot to death on November 13, but no arrests have been made or suspects identified.

It is believed that the students were asleep when they were attacked and killed.

Officials are now reversing course in several areas of the investigation, including the question about the target.

Rumours have plagued the case as well as amateur internet sleuths.

After receiving a 911 call regarding an unconscious individual, police found the four victims – Xana and Ethan Chapin (both 20) and Kaylee and Madison Mogen, 21 – fatally stabbed to death at an off-campus residence in Moscow, Idaho. The victims had all been repeatedly stabbed, with some suffering from defensive injuries.

The timeline of hours preceding the incident suggested that nothing was unusual. The previous night, Mr Chapin had been at campus party with Ms Kernodle. Ms Mogen was at the bar and Ms Goncalves ordered a meal at a food truck just before 01:45.

The four students were all believed to be safe and sound, having returned home at 02:00. Two other students, who were able to escape the attack, had also returned home an hour before.

Police stated that the survivors called their friends “because they believed one of the victims on the second floor had died and wasn’t waking up”. The two survivors are not believed to have been involved in the murders, according to investigators.

Although police are unable to provide details about what took place in the home in the morning hours, they have confirmed that the property was uninjured.

It is thought that the murder weapon was a fixed-blade knife. However, it has yet to be recovered. Businesses in the surrounding area were reached to determine if any similar knives have been recently sold during the initial days of the investigation.

Conflicting information has led to rumors and misinformation throughout the investigation.

Moscow Police released a statement on 15 November in which they stated that they believe the attack was targeted and isolated. In a statement that was released on 15 November, the Moscow Police stated that they believed that there wasn’t an “imminent” nor “ongoing threat to public safety.

A 30th November update described the statement as “miscommunication”

According to the statement, 30 November said that “Detectives are not currently able to determine if any residences or occupants were targeted” and they continue their investigation. The Moscow Police website claims that although police suspect the attack was intentional, they are still unsure if it was the house or the occupants.

Unverified rumours and investigative details have been repeatedly addressed by authorities. Some of these were quickly spread online via an army of internet sleuths.

The possibility of a link between a September incident between residents and a cyclist wielding a knife led to misdemeanour accusations being brought against the victim. However, police insist that this was not related to the murders.

Police also dispelled the suspicions of Kaylee’s family and friends that Kaylee had been stalked.

Moscow Police stated in a statement that investigators had examined all information about Kaylee’s stalker. They have gathered hundreds of information on this subject but they haven’t identified or verified a stalker.

Jeremy Reagan was a neighbour to the students and had to defend himself against “ruthless” users of social media who suggested that he might have been involved with the murders.

He told NewsNation that he didn’t do it. I’m available to provide DNA and fingerprints for anyone who needs them.”

The FBI and state police continue to assist in the investigation. Authorities are asking the public for information to help them avoid making unfounded rumours.

According to the latest police statement, “There’s speculation without any factual backing. This is stoking community fear and spreading false facts.” We encourage you to refer to official reports for current information.


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