Kevin Rudd, an ex-leader of Australia was appointed US Ambassador

Australia’s former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was chosen to be the next Ambassador of the United States.

Tony Albanese, Prime Minister of Italy, announced Rudd’s appointment Tuesday. He cited Rudd’s positions as leader and foreign secretary as well his academic background as an American scholar and prior work in China. Albanese stated that Rudd would start early next year.

“Dr. Albanese stated that Rudd has unsurpassed experience in the job.

Rudd stated that he is honored to have been chosen. Rudd stated that Australia is facing the most difficult security and diplomatic environments in its history.

Rudd was prime minister between 2007 and 2010, then briefly again in 2013, before the center-left Labor party lost a general elections. From 2010 to 2012, he was the foreign minister.

Australia is known for its rough and tumble political system. Rudd was replaced abruptly as prime minister in 2010 by Julia Gillard, who herself was replaced abruptly by Rudd in 2013.

Rudd is often a controversial figure in Australian politics. Reporters on Tuesday asked Albanese questions about the appointment of someone who was a notorious micromanager who was harshly critical both Rupert Murdoch, former President Donald Trump and media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Albanese stated that Rudd was an “outstanding” appointment and the U.S. would consider the selection of Rudd as “very important.”

Albanese stated, “I’m very happy that Kevin Rudd is willing to do it.” He doesn’t have to. It’s a part his duty to serve the country he loves. He will do a great job.

Rudd is fluent in Mandarin and serves as the president of New York’s Asia Society.

For most of the last decade, he has been living in America. He worked first at Harvard Kennedy School, researching U.S.-China relations. Then, he spent eight years at the Asia Society in different roles.

Rudd stated in his statement that “in some ways my new position won’t be dissimilar to what I have been doing at Asia Society in support of greater cooperation between U.S.-countries in our region — experience should keep me in good stead for this challenge ahead.”

Albanese stated that he will visit the U.S. next year and President Joe Biden will visit Australia during a meeting with leaders of the Quad group (which also includes Japan, India, and China).


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