Many are feared to have died in the Russian attack on Ukraine’s Dnipro.

Ukraine did not see any hope for rescuing more people from the rubble of an apartment building in Dnipro’s city center on Sunday. This was just a day after it had been hit by a large Russian missile strike. Hundreds of people were expected to have also died.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, President of Russia, said that a child had been among the 25 confirmed victims. 73 others were injured including 13 children. He stated that 39 people were rescued, but 43 others are still missing via the Telegram messaging application.

According to emergency workers, they heard screaming from beneath the debris of the block of nine apartments in east-central London and used moments of silence as a guide for their actions. Rescuers were also concerned by the freezing temperatures.

A team of firefighters discovered a woman in a light-dressed condition that was still breathing 18 hours later after the attack. The firefighters carried the woman to safety in their arms. Numerous grimy-faced, young and elderly residents watched in horror as she was carried to safety.

An earlier body was rescued by firefighters and then lifted using a crane from the rubble.

Borys Filatov, Dnipro Mayor, stated to Reuters that there are very few chances of salvaging people right now. “I think there will be dozens of people who die.”

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the attack on the apartment block occurred by a Russian Kh-22 rocket. This is known for being inaccurate as Ukraine does not have the necessary air defenses to take it down. This Soviet-era missile was designed to demolish warships during the Cold War.

Filatov claimed that two staircases, including many flats, were damaged.

Two missiles from Russia were fired at Ukraine in two separate attacks on Saturday. They struck targets all across Ukraine as the fighting continued in the eastern cities of Bakhmut and Soledar.

Moscow invaded Ukraine last February and has been bombarding Ukraine with drones and missiles ever since, disrupting central heating and water supply.

The Russian defense ministry didn’t mention Dnipro in a Sunday statement about the previous day of strikes.

All objects assigned were successfully hit. It stated that the strikes had been completed.

Searchers for survivors worked tirelessly through the night. They could be seen kicking and punching through piles of concrete and twisted steel on Sunday morning.

Oleh Kushiniruk (deputy director, regional branch, State Emergency Service of Ukraine) said that two rooms were left on the second floor.

According to a spokesperson from Ukraine’s Southern Command, Russia fired half the cruise missiles that it sent to the Black Sea in response to Saturday’s attack.

According to Natalia Humeniuk, spokesperson for the organization, “This means that they have still got certain plans.” We must realize that they are still possible to be used.

Zelenskiy, in his evening address following the strike, called upon Western allies for more weapons to stop “Russian terror”, attacks on civilian targets, and other terrorist activities.

The attack on Saturday came just as Western countries consider sending tanks to Kyiv, and before a meeting with Ukraine’s allies at Ramstein, Germany next Friday. There, governments will make their most recent pledges of military support.

Britain promised to send more weapons in its promise of additional arms on Saturday after following France and Poland. It said it would dispatch 14 Challenger 2 main battle tank units as well as advanced artillery support over the next few weeks.

Moscow will likely view the first shipment of Western-made tanks from Ukraine as an escalation in the conflict. According to the Russian Embassy in London, the conflict would be prolonged by the tanks.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already claimed lives and displacement millions, as well as turned many large cities to rubble.

Ukraine’s east Donbas was the center of Russia’s push to seize more territory. The Ukrainian forces were fighting around Soledar, a small salt mine town.

Serhiy Cherevatyi spoke for Ukraine’s Eastern Command and said that Russian forces had attacked the region around Soledar, Bakhmut, 234 times over the last 24 hours.

Russia announced Friday that it had taken Soledar from its enemies. The city had 10,000 inhabitants before the war. This would only be a small advance but would provide psychological support for Russian forces who had suffered months of defeats on the battlefield.

Although Ukraine claimed that it was fighting to hold the city, officials admitted the difficult situation. There were street fighting and Russian forces moving in different directions.

Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defence Minister said Saturday that “our soldiers are continuously repelling enemy attacks day and night.” The enemy has suffered heavy losses, but continues to execute the criminal orders they have been given.”

According to the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War, it is highly unlikely that Ukrainian forces would still be in Soledar.

Reuters was unable to verify the details of the incident in the immediate vicinity.

Putin stated that the “special military operation” he called was showing positive trends and that he hopes Russian soldiers will deliver more gains following Soledar.

Rossiya 1 stated that the dynamic was positive. Everything is moving within the frame of the Ministry of Defence’s and General Staff’s plans.


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