Matt Ryan will be the 2nd Colts starter.

Nick Foles waited until the end of the season before he started taking pictures with Indianapolis Colts starters.

This is the moment for quarterback, 33 years old.

Jeff Saturday, interim coach, announced Wednesday that Foles would replace Matt Ryan in Indy’s starting lineup against the Los Angeles Chargers. This will be Foles’ first start since December 26, 2021 and second since October 2020.

Foles replied, “No. None,” when asked whether he has ever taken snaps for the first team in practice. It’s a year where you never know what might happen, and it has been like that. In the NFL, there are many years. It’s about doing my job.

The Colts have had a difficult season (4-9-1), and Foles who signed initially as a free agent in order to join coach Frank Reich, only to see his friend fired in November.

Indy has seen him switch play-callers and fire the offensive coordinator. He even was able to bypass Reich’s initial benching of Ryan in October.

Reich handed the team to Sam Ehlinger (second-year quarterback), who was a Texas High School graduate. Indy was unable to win both Ehlinger’s start.

Foles started this season ranked No. Foles was ranked No. 2 on the depth charts, but slipped to No. Three days following the Colts’ 33-0 loss at halftime, 3 was promoted to the starter position. This allowed Minnesota to win a dramatic 39-36 overtime win — which is the biggest comeback in NFL history.

Saturday stated, “This is not an easy decision. I love Matt. He’s a professional’s pro. I love how he handled it.” I feel sorry for Matt, but Nick offers us the greatest chance to win and that is the direction we are headed.

Saturday did not say whether Ryan, or Ehlinger would be the No. 2. On Monday, the Chargers will be defeated.

Ryan could end his rollercoaster career and possibly even his entire life.

The Colts’ 37-year old quarterback rallied them in four wins, was sacked 38 time, is fifth in the league and has 18 giveaways, despite only missing two games. Ryan was also injured in October.

Indy will have to pay him $35.2million next season. However, the Colts could release the 2016 NFL MVP and four-time Pro Bowler, who is fifth in NFL history for completions (5.551) and pass attempts (8.5464). He also ranks seventh in yards passing (62.7922), and ninth in touchdown passes (38)

After last week’s collapse and a fourth-quarter that saw Indy score 33 points at Dallas, and then four straight losses, Saturday decided to pull the plug on Ryan and give Foles an opportunity to demonstrate what he can do in a line up he doesn’t know much about.

Ryan Kelly said that he knows Ryan Kelly and has been a close friend of his quarterback since 2017.

Just do the walkthrough. Keep it easy and just go. Nick has been a strong, fit man, and has worked out almost every day to keep his body in shape.

It’s not clear if the man who took over for Carson Wentz in Week 15 and lead Philadelphia to the Super Bowl title is capable of achieving the same success here. Foles won the Super Bowl MVP award that year, throwing for 373 yards with three touchdowns and catching another unforgettable score.

Saturday thinks Foles can stretch the field by making more downfield throws, and safer Rodney McLeod believes Foles looks a lot like the Eagles’ player in 2017.

McLeod stated, “It is his confidence and leadership ability. Guys have a way to kind of follow Nick. I also think he’s an excellent quarterback when it comes deep balls.” He’s experienced with a lot and is a man who has faith. I believe you can see the calmness that he brings to any huddle.

They hope that this applies even to Indy’s rookie quarterback.

Foles stated, “Sometimes you stay with one team for several years. Then you move in and out. And then you start to play as if this is your first time playing with them.” It’s about getting into the mindset to run this offense and execute it. Training camp was really when it all began. Since then, however, it has been Scout Team Cards. But I have seen Sam and Matt perform a lot.


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