Moscow declares ceasefire and vows to continue its work in Ukraine

Russia bombed eastern Ukraine overnight, killing at least one person, according to local officials. This was after Moscow declared a Christmas ceasefire, and vowed that it would continue fighting until its neighbor wins.

On Friday, President Vladimir Putin called for a 36-hour ceasefire at the frontline to respect Ukraine and Russia’s Orthodox Christmas. This was set up on Saturday. The truce was rejected by Ukraine, which led to shelling on the frontline.

According to Oleh Sinehubov (the governor), a 50-year-old man was killed in Kharkiv’s northeastern region as a result of Russia’s bombardment. Minutes after midnight Moscow time, the news broke.

Traditional Christmas celebrations in Ukraine have been held on January 7, by Orthodox Christians from Russia and most Ukrainian Orthodox Christians. The country’s Orthodox Church of Ukraine allowed for Dec. 25 celebrations this year. Many still observed Saturday holidays and flocked to churches and cathedrals.

According to the Kremlin, Moscow would continue with “special military operations” in Ukraine. Kyiv and Western allies refer to it as an unprovoked aggression for land grabs.

According to Russian state TASS, Putin’s former deputy chief of staff Sergei Kiriyenko stated that “the tasks assigned by the president (Putin), for the special military operations will still be completed.”

“And it will definitely be a win.”

The war in Ukraine, currently in its eleventh month, is not over. It has claimed the lives of thousands and displaced millions, as well as turned many cities in to rubble.

Officials from Ukraine also confirmed that there were explosions in the Donbas Region, which is the frontline of the conflict where fighting has been ongoing for several months.

Pavlo Kyrylenko (governor of Donetsk in Ukraine) stated that nine missiles were fired on his region, seven of which hit Kramatorsk, the city under siege. There were no reported casualties.

A blast was also heard in Zaporizhzhia (the administrative center of Zaporizhzhia), according to a local official. However, no immediate reports were made of any injuries or deaths.

On Wednesday, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zeleskiy stated that Russia has a new major offensive in mind. On Friday, the Pentagon stated that Putin still wants to seize Ukrainian territory, even though his military is continuing to be hurt.

After increasing Russian military activities in Belarus and the recent transfer of Russian troops to the country, there are growing fears that Belarus, a strong supporter of Moscow’s policies could become a base for attacking Ukraine from the North.

The unofficial Telegram channel monitoring military activity in Belarus said late Saturday that between 1,400 and 1,600 Russian troops had arrived in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk over the last two days.


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