Musk opens a poll asking whether or not he should resign as CEO of Twitter

Twitter CEO Musk started a poll asking for opinions on whether he should resign as the head of the company. He also stated that he would abide to the results.

Although the poll will close at 1120 GMT on Monday, the billionaire didn’t give any details about when he would resign if the results indicated so.

Musk replied to a tweeter’s concern about a potential change of CEO.

Musk stated to a Delaware court that he will reduce the time he spends at Twitter and find another leader for the company.

This poll was created in the wake of Twitter’s Sunday policy update. It prohibited account creation solely to promote other social media companies and any content that includes links or usernames from rival platforms.

Musk tweeted that he had just apologized for the poll and said “Going Forward, we will vote to make major policy changes.”

Twitter launched a survey asking its users to vote on whether Twitter should establish a policy that would prevent accounts from advertising other social media sites.

Twitter support stated in a tweet that the policy change would affect content on social media platforms Meta Platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon. It also allows cross-content posting.

Jack Dorsey was the former CEO of Twitter and recently made an investment in Nostr social media platform. He replied to the support thread with one word, “Why?” Dorsey replied to another user who posted about Nostr’s promotion ban.

The list did not include TikTok short video platform, which is owned by China’s ByteDance Ltd.

Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council was disbanded last week. This volunteer council formed in 2016 and advised the platform regarding site-related decisions.

This policy change comes after other chaos at Twitter, since Elon Musk bought it. While he fired the top managers and lay off half its employees, he was also unsure how to price Twitter Blue’s subscription service.

Musk suspended several accounts of journalists in protest at the publication of public data on Musk’s aircraft.

After criticisms from advocacy groups, government officials and journalists organizations, Musk restored the accounts. Some said that the microblogging platform threatened press freedom.


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