Myanmar Court to Deliver Final Verdicts This Week in Suu Kyi Trials

A military court in Myanmar will present its final verdicts against Aung San Suu Kyi, according to a source who is familiar with the proceedings. This wraps up marathon proceedings, which have been criticized by the West for being a sham.

Suu Kyi (77) was taken into custody after the military took power in February 2013. This coup ended 10 years of democratic attempts and plunged the country back into chaos.

After being under house arrest at an undisclosed place, she is now being held in the annex to a Naypyitaw jail.

In a trial dismissed as a sham by critics, the Nobel Peace Prize recipient from Myanmar was convicted of several offenses. He has been sentenced to 26 years imprisonment in the last 12 months.

The charges she was found guilty of include breaking COVID-19 and illegally possessing radio equipment, incitement and breaches of state secrets laws and trying to influence the country’s electoral commission.

Suu Kyi called these cases “absurd”.

The spokesperson of the junta was not available for comment immediately. According to the military, Suu Kyi has been given a fair process by independent judges. The judge was not appointed by her government.

According to a source, five cases of corruption against her are scheduled for the court’s ruling. Each case could result in up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Suu Kyi’s long-running court proceedings were held behind closed doors. Only limited information was reported by the state media, and her lawyers received a gag order.

She is not sure how well she has been following developments in Myanmar. The United Nations has charged the military with atrocities against civilians. A resistance movement and shadow government are fighting to overthrow the junta on several fronts.

This story was rewritten to include the missing word “with” in paragraph 1.


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