New York City needs a new rat tsar

New York City’s rats have been warned. Soon, there will be a new sheriff.

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York is looking for a director of rodent mitigation – also known as rat tsar – in order to defeat the Big Apple’s real enemy.

The irreverent job advertisement posted this week says, “The ideal candidate will be highly motivated and somewhat thirsty.”

The role can be filled by anyone who is willing to pay up to $170,000.

This job requires stamina, stagecraft and a 24-hour work environment for residents of the city.

You will be responsible for developing and managing rat mitigation plans, as well as coordinating projects across cities and policies.

This job is not for rats. The statement of values for this job states that 8.8 million New Yorkers, as well as your local government, are ready to collaborate with you in order to decrease the rats population, improve cleanliness and prevent pestilence.

This is the latest in the “war against rats”, which began in October after earlier efforts to reduce the rodent population in the city had failed.

Others include installing storage bins that are street-wide, changing the times New Yorkers dispose of their garbage and creating rules about vermin-proof bin bags.

Recent years have seen a rise in rat sightings. Customer service complaints rose 67% to meet these concerns.

Two million rats are crawling around New York City’s subways and streets, which is about one in four New Yorkers.

A new report, which is based on data from the 2021 American Housing Survey, could help to vindicate this city.

According to the survey, New York City is ranked third for most rodent sightings within large US metropolitan areas.

Boston and Philadelphia are ahead of New York City, which has a reputation for being a city that is always awake in spite of its ratty ratings.


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