North Korea criticizes Japan’s military buildup; the United States flies stealth planes

North Korea condemned a Japanese military buildup in a new security policy. It called it dangerous, vowed counteractions and warned of an imminent test of an intercontinental missile.

Last week, Japan announced its largest military buildup since World War Two. This was in response to tensions with China and North Korea. Also, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine stoked fears about war.

North Korea’s foreign minister stated that Japan has effectively “the capacity for preemptive strike” and its strategy, which would cause a radical change in East Asia’s security landscape.

The United States was also criticised by the ministry for instigating Japan’s rearmament scheme and rearmament program. According to the United States, it had no rights to ask questions about North Korea’s defenses.

In a statement released by North’s KCNA news media, the official stated that Japan’s foolish attempt to appease its dark-hearted intentions, arm buildup in support of reinvasion under the pretense of DPRK exercising the legitimate right to self defense, cannot be justified and accepted.

According to the spokesman, North Korea was referred by the initials of the country’s official name, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The spokesperson stated that North Korea would take action to protest Japan’s “wrong” and “very dangerous” decision. He also warned of “shuddering chills to come soon”.

In defiance international sanctions, North Korea tested untold numbers of missiles in this year’s tests, one of which was an intercontinental missile (ICBM), designed to strike the U.S. mainland.

Numerous North Korean missiles were seen flying over Japan or landing in the waters close to it. This prompted condemnation from America’s staunch ally.

Kim Yo Jong (the powerful sister to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un) hinted at a technical advance in the ICBM system and decried questions about North Korea’s bid for a spy satellite.

North Korea launched two medium-range missiles from its east coast, declaring it an important test in the development of a satellite reconnaissance system. It hopes to have it completed by April.

Although experts have expressed doubts about the North Korean satellite technology, Kim Yo Jong dismissed them and recommended improvements in her country’s missile programs including ICBM development.

North Korea tested-fired its ICBMs from a high angle, and analysts believe a normal launch angle would require more advanced technology to resist the heat created during re-entry in the atmosphere.

Kim Yo Jong stated, “I can remove their doubts about it.” They will instantly recognize it if we launch an ICBM directly in front of a firing angle.

Any threat of additional sanctions was dismissed by her.

She stated, “At this moment when our right of existence and development are being threatened, how do we stop our advancement for fear of sanctions we have already experienced abominably? Not for the first?”

In their most recent display of force against North Korea, hours after North Korea’s declarations were made, the U.S. Air Force sent F-22 fighter and strategic bomber jets and B-52s into South Korea.

Participation by the F-22 Raptor Fifth Generation Stealth Fighters was the first time they had done so since the May 2018 joint exercise in South Korea.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson declined to comment on any possible ICBM tests, but stated that it is monitoring North Korea’s missile and nuclear activities.


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