Polish Police Chief: Exploding Grenade Launcher is a Gift from Ukraine

Poland’s top cop claimed that an explosion at his office was the result of a grenade rocketer. He told RMF FM, a private radio station, that he received two weapons from Ukraine.

The Polish prosecutor’s and interior ministry had never confirmed reports by media that Wednesday’s explosion at the Warsaw police headquarters was due to a grenade launcher.

According to the prosecution, they are investigating the explosion. Police Chief Jaroslaw Symczyk was taken to hospital.

Szymczyk stated that an explosion occurred while he was transporting the used grenade-launchers which were gifts of the Ukrainians.

He claimed he was moving launchers to an upright position at that time.

RMF quoted a Polish source who claimed that Szymczyk received launchers as gifts from Ukrainian officials during his visits to police stations and State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

According to RMF, after the officials assured the Polish delegation the launchers weren’t loaded, they were driven back to Warsaw in a car, before being left behind at Szymczyk’s office.

Reuters could not independently verify this account. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine and Ukrainian police did not respond immediately to inquiries for comment. Unable to reach a spokesperson for the Polish police,

Szymczyk was criticised for the incident. Polish media cited commentators from the security service as saying that the military equipment shouldn’t have been brought into Poland either through the European Union, or into an office.


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