Prince William and Joe Biden meet in the US ahead of climate prize

On the last day of President Joe Biden’s US visit, Prince William met with him.

After a visit to the John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Prince William was welcomed by Mr Biden.

William and Princess of Wales will present awards later for their Earthshot Prize, which is awarded to environmentally-friendly ideas.

The high-profile visit was overshadowed however by the racism row that William and his godmother had.

After repeatedly questioning a boss of a black British charity where Lady Susan Hussey was from, she resigned.

Prince William spoke out against racism, saying that “racism does not belong in our society.”

The royal couple will be making their first major international public appearances since Queen Elizabeth’s death.

In September, President Biden traveled to the UK for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

At a Boston ceremony, Catherine and William will present awards to the five Earthshot Prize recipients. Each recipient will receive PS1m ($1.2m), to help develop their environmental projects.

This awards ceremony will combine entertainment and good causes. Performers include Billie Eilish and Annie Lennox.

The televised event featured presenters such as Rami Malek and David Beckham.

In an article in The Huffington Post, William called himself “stubborn optimist” before the event.

He stated that he wanted “supercharge” Earthshot Prize finalist’s impact to incite a “despairing planet” to see there was a better way.

He wrote, “Dire predictions regarding our natural world don’t represent the whole story. They don’t have be our future.”

The awards ceremony will not be shown live to viewers. It is scheduled to air at 17:30 GMT (on Sunday in the UK) and Monday in the USA.

Harry and Meghan Netflix host a ‘behind closed door’ show

Prince William’s brother Harry and Meghan, Duke of Sussex, aren’t expected to be there.

The trailer for Harry’s and Meghan’s Netflix series “behind closed door” was unveiled on the second day Prince William’s and Catherine’s visit.

This minute-long video features rare images, as well as tearsful photos of Meghan.

Daniela Relph from the BBC is currently in Boston and says that the Prince of Wales will not comment on Netflix during the US visit.

The inventors of the bubble pump that captures plastics before they get to the ocean are among the fifteen finalists for this year’s Earthshot Prize.

There are also finalist from the UK for the first time, such as Notpla from London, which produces packaging made from plants and seaweeds to replace single-use plastic.

Prince William said that the Earth has reached a “tipping point”, and these awards will be used to help invent ways to reduce environmental destruction.

This prize was created in honor of the US President John F Kennedy’s Moonshot programme. It resulted in US Apollo lunar launches, and first man to set foot on the Moon in 1969.


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