Putin claims Russia is ready to negotiate with Ukraine; Kyiv insists that Moscow does not want negotiations

Russia is open to negotiations with all sides in the conflict in Ukraine, but Kyiv, its Western supporters, have rejected talks, Vladimir Putin stated in a Sunday interview.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th has been the worst European conflict since World War Two. It also marks the largest confrontation between Moscow, Russia, and the West since 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis.

The war is not over yet.

While the Kremlin claims it will continue fighting until its goals are met, Kyiv states it won’t rest until each Russian soldier has been ejected completely from its entire territory. This includes Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.

Putin stated that he was ready to discuss acceptable solutions with all parties, but it is their decision – they can negotiate.

William Burns, Director of the CIA, stated this month that although most conflicts can be resolved through negotiation Russia is not serious about holding real negotiations as his assessment.

Volodymyr Zelensky, a Ukrainian adviser, said that Putin had to face reality and admit Russia was not interested in talks.

Mykhailo Polyak tweets: “Russia has single-handedly attacked Ukraine, and is killing citizens.” Russia doesn’t want to negotiate, but it tries not to take responsibility.”

Since October, millions of Ukrainians have been left without heat or water by Russian-instigated attacks on their power generation facilities.

In a Facebook update, the general staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that “the threat of enemy missile and air strikes continues throughout the territory of Ukraine”.

According to the Russian military, they had attacked dozens of villages and posts along the frontline, inflicting civilian casualties on the south Kherson. Moscow claims it does not target civilians.

Putin stated that Russia is acting in the “right direction” regarding Ukraine because the West (led by the United States) was trying to seize Russia.

I believe we are moving in the right direction. We are protecting our national interests and the rights of our citizens. Putin stated that we could not help but protect our citizens.

Putin answered the question “I don’t believe it’s so dangerous,” when asked if geopolitical conflicts with the West were approaching dangerous levels.

Putin claimed that the West started the conflict by overthrowing a pro-Russian Ukrainian President in the Maidan Revolution protests in 2014.

Shortly thereafter, Russia annexed Crimea to Russia and Russian-backed separatists began fighting for eastern Ukraine.

Putin stated that the “fundamental thing” is Russia’s geopolitical opposition policy, which aims to disintegrate Russia and historical Russia.

Putin describes the “special military operations” in Ukraine by Putin as a historic moment in which Moscow stood up against a Western bloc that he claims has sought to discredit Russia ever since 1991, when the Soviet Union fell.

The West and Ukraine claim that Putin is not justified in waging an occupation war like the imperial.

Putin called Russia a “unique nation” and stated that most Russians wanted to protect it.

Putin stated, “As far as the main part – the 99.9% of our citizens and our people who will give anything for the Motherland’s interests – there is no unusual for me here.”

This just reinforces my conviction that Russia is an extraordinary country with exceptional citizens. This is a fact that has been proven throughout Russia’s history.”


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