Russia is ready to resume gas supply to Europe through Yamal-Europe Pipeline -Novak

Moscow has announced that it is open to resuming gas supply to Europe via the Yamal Europe Pipeline. This was stated by Alexander Novak, Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

Novak stated that “the European market is still relevant” despite the ongoing gas shortage and that there are many opportunities to resume supply. TASS published Novak’s remarks on Sunday.

“For example, the Yamal-Europe Pipeline was stopped for political reasons and remains in use.”

Yamal-Europe Pipeline flows normally westward but is now mostly in reverse since December 2021, when Poland stopped buying gas from Russia and instead drew on its stored gas from Germany.

After having rejected Moscow’s request that it pay in rubles, Warsaw ended its cooperation with Russia in May.

Gazprom, the Russian supplier of gas and electricity (GAZP.MM), responded to Moscow’s sanctions by cutting off supplies. It also stated that it will no longer be allowed to export gas through Poland because Moscow placed sanctions on the company which owns the Yamal Europe pipeline section in Poland.

Novak reiterated, too that Moscow has been discussing gas supply through Turkey in the wake of the creation of a hub.

In addition, he stated that Moscow anticipates shipping 21 billion cubic meters (bcm), of liquefied gas (LNG), to Europe by 2022.

Novak stated that this year, “we were able to significantly improve LNG supplies to Europe.” They increased from 19.4 to 21.4 billion cubic meters in the first 11 months of 2022.

Novak said in a lengthy interview that Russia and Azerbaijan have agreed to boost gas supplies for domestic use.

He stated, “In the future when they increase their gas production, then we will be in a position to discuss swaps.”

He said that Moscow was also considering increasing its supplies to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan of gas.

Novak stated that Russia could send its natural gas long-term to Afghanistan and Pakistan using Central Asia’s infrastructure or as a swap with Iran.


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