Russia’s Bout is feeling terrible and wants to be redrawn by the U.S.

Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer, feels awful after his lengthy prisoner swap journey. His family hopes that the United States will give his drawings and documents to the Russian embassy.

Bout, she said, was exhausted and hadn’t been sleeping for three nights.

According to his family, he expected that the United States would quickly hand over the documents and drawings of the Russian diplomat.

Tass quoted Alla Bout as saying that Viktor Anatolyevich felt terrible and was really tired.

She said, “I hope all of his drawings and documents will be turned over to the Russian Embassy shortly.”

Alla Bout said that she was also grateful to the Americans for their treatment of her husband in prisoner exchange.

He said that he is grateful for the American food. He stated that he hadn’t had as many meals in the past 12 years. His treatment was good, respectful, and he was not shackled nor in handcuffs.”

Bout arrived in Russia Thursday night after being exchanged for U.S. Basketball star Brittney griner. This was the highest-profile prisoner swap in years between Russia and America.

After his undercover operations by U.S. Agents, he was arrested in Thailand and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.


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