Senior minister: Britain is “resolute” on nurses’ wages

The British government has declared that it is “resolute” in its refusal to negotiate on nurse’s pay. This was ahead of a second planned nationwide walkout. It concerns an average offer for nurses of 4%, while inflation stands at over 10%.

After striking on Thursday, approximately 10,000 nurses working in the National Health Service funded by the government in England and Wales will strike again Tuesday. They are protesting the increase in pay.

Dowden stated that “We will respond to this” because it would be irresponsible for public sector pay to spiral out of control. He also said that the BBC has a Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

According to the Royal College of Nursing, its members have seen their real earnings fall by 6% over the past decade. The union has demanded a pay increase of 5% above RPI, which was 14% in November.

Pat Cullen, the leader of it said Friday that nurses will continue to act if ministers don’t “start playing ball” and engage in meaningful negotiations over their pay.

She said, “Governments had all the opportunity to take action but have decided to ignore us.”

Dowden stated that the independent pay review committee recommended nurses receive an average increase of 1400 pounds in their pay. This would be about 4%.

This winter in Britain, there is a lot of industrial activity.

The strike is planned for Wednesday, Dec. 28 and Thursday. Border Force personnel working in passport control and Ambulance staff are expected to walk out during Christmas.

To minimize disruptions in ambulance service and border services, the government has sent about 1200 military personnel and 1000 government officials.


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