The leader of Iran’s Sister condemns him and urges Guards members to disarm

A letter from her France-based son published by him, a sister of Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Al Ali Khamenei condemned the crackdown on protests nationwide and called for Revolutionary Guards members to surrender their arms.

Iran is currently in turmoil following the murder of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish Iranian woman aged 22, who was taken into police custody.

Badri Khamenei Khamenei is Iranian and the sister to Ayatollah Khamenei. She criticised Iran’s clerical establishment, from its founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s time, up through her brother’s rule. The letter, “December 2022”, stated.

She wrote that she felt it was appropriate to say now, “I oppose my brother’s actions” and expressed her sympathy to all mothers who are mourning the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic from Khomeini’s time to today’s era of the despotic caliphate Ali Khamenei.

The letter stated that Ali Khamenei’s Revolutionary Guards as well as mercenaries must immediately lay down their arms and join the people as soon as they can.

Iran’s most elite force, the Revolutionary Guards, has been helping the country establish proxy forces across the Middle East and manages a huge business empire.

The elite force released a statement on Tuesday calling for the judiciary not to show mercy to terrorists, rioters and thugs. This is a clear indication that authorities are determined to continue their brutal crackdown against dissent.

Masoud Setayeshi (Iran’s judiciary spokesperson) stated Tuesday that the five men indicted for killing Basij militia member Rouhollah Azamian were executed in a verdict they could appeal.

After calling for the end of all relations with Tehran, Farideh Moradkhani, Khamenei’s niece and activist was detained by authorities in November.

YouTube videos shared by 1500tasvir on Twitter, which has 385,000 followers, show closed shops on commercial streets in Tehran, Isfahan and Kermanshah. These were areas where security forces forced shopkeepers into opening their doors.

President Ebrahim Raisi gave an address at Tehran University to celebrate Student Day. Outside the main reception hall, students shouted “dishonourable”, “students are going to die” and “students won’t be accepted by this government.” 1500tasvir shared a video that showed students engaging in verbal battles with plain-clothed security officers.

According to 1500tasvir footage, students protested at several Iranian universities including Amir Kabir University.

Students gathered in Mashhad’s northeastern town to be threatened by pick-up truck drivers who said they were going to “summon” them and it would lead them to their deaths.


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