Tigray troops begin to hand over heavy weapons to the Ethiopian army

Tigray troops, which fought a war for two years against Ethiopia’s federal Government, started handing heavy weapons over to the National Army as part of an African Union peace process.

Along with the restoration services and the withdrawal of Eritrean troops who were allied to Ethiopia’s army, the Nov. 2- ceasefire accord is understood to be central.

The conflict caused famine conditions in Tigray for thousands, killing thousands, and displacing millions of people across northern Ethiopia.

A monitoring team made up of members from both sides, as well as a regional body called the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, oversaw the handover at Agulae (about 30km (18 miles) northeastern Mekelle.

Mulugeta Gebrechristos, the representative of Tigray Defence Forces TDF (TDF), stated that the disarmament process would be a key component in the restoration and maintenance of peace.

We believe that peace requires that all provocation is stopped. In a speech on Tigrai TV, Mulugeta stated that peace is essential for all of us.

We are all part of one Ethiopia. “Both us and TDF have moved out of our defensive positions in peace and understanding, love,” Aleme Tadesse said, an Ethiopian representative.

Residents claim that Eritrean troops retreated from Tigrayan towns late last month, but they haven’t left Tigrayan territory. Eritrea declined to say whether or not troops would leave.


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