Tunisians demonstrate against the president one week before the parliamentary elections

Hundreds protested Saturday against President Kais Saied, a week ahead of elections for a new Parliament created through his constitutional amendments. They accused him of a undemocratic coup.

Saied closed down the former parliament and took power by decree. He then rewrote the constitution to increase the powers of the president, a move that was rejected by the majority political parties.

“Saied get out!” Protesters marched in Tunis’s centre shouting “Saied get out!”

Saied claimed that his actions were legal in order to rescue Tunisia during years of crisis. He has also repeatedly stated that he would not be a dictator.

Tunisians have become increasingly disillusioned with political paralysis and economic stagnation in recent years, as well as a split parliament and an unstable government.

On Dec. 17, elections will take place for the new, weaker parliament that was created through Saied’s constitution. It passed in a low-turnout referendum.

Senior politicians representing parties opposed to Saied spoke at the protest and called for a boycott.

Samira Chaouachi was the deputy speaker of the elected Parliament that Saied dissolution.


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