U.S. Agency opens safety probes for Honda, Jeep and Ram vehicles

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is opening safety probes in 1.72 million Honda cars, 230,000 Jeeps, and 390.077 Ram trucks.

Auto safety regulator stated that it would begin initial evaluations of issues related to loss of power or braking. This is the first step in its process before it can seek recalls.

This probe is the largest and covers claims of power loss for over 1.7 million Honda CR-V or HR-V cars in America. Reports claimed that some motorists lost power on highways without warning. Some also reported differential seal leaks, which led to rear differential locking up. Reports claim that the rear differential lockup resulted in the drive shaft fracturing while the vehicle was moving, causing the vehicle to be towed.

Honda stated that it would cooperate with NHTSA during the investigation and will continue its internal review of all information.

After receiving 134 complaints about intermittent or persistent loss of braking performance, the NHTSA has begun an investigation into 390,000.2017 Ram 2500-3500 pickup trucks. Some reports suggested that the problem could be fixed by replacing the Antilock Braking System module (ABS), and Hydraulic Control unit (HCU).

After receiving 15 complaints about a sudden loss of power and a message indicating high coolant temperatures on the dashboard, the agency now wants to inspect nearly 230,000 Jeep Compass SUVs from 2019-20.

Stellantis NV (STLA.MI), which is the parent company to Jeep and Ram, provided a U.S. spokesperson that said the firm was cooperating fully in the investigation.

None of the vehicles under investigation have been involved in any crashes or injury. NHTSA must make a decision at a later time whether each probe should be upgraded to engineering analysis before it can demand recall.


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