Ukrainian drone hits bomber base inside Russia

Moscow claimed Monday that it had taken down a Ukrainian drone near a Russian long-range bomber site deep within Russia. However, Ukraine stated on Monday that the Russians had launched heavy artillery bombardments on its cities over the last 24 hours.

According to Russian reports, the drone flew near Russia’s Engels Air Base. This is where long-range strategic bombers capable of targeting infrastructure and cities in Ukraine are located.

According to the Russian defense ministry, three members of its air force were killed during the incident. However, no aircraft were damaged.

Russian and Ukrainian social media accounts claimed that a few planes were destroyed. Reuters could not independently confirm these reports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on Sunday that he is open to negotiation as the conflict entered its eleventh month. He blamed Ukraine’s Western allies and failed to enter into talks with them.

His forces continued their unrelenting attacks. The Ukrainian military said Monday that dozens of Ukrainian towns were under attack in Donetsk and Kharkiv regions.

The Ukrainian military stated that “In the Kherson Direction, the enemy continues artillery bombardment of populated areas along and right bank of Dnipro River.”

It added that Ukrainian forces attacked almost 20 Russian targets.

Ukraine’s electricity grid operator stated that the power supply was not available on Monday. Emergency restrictions were placed in five regions of Ukraine and Kyiv for the consumption of electricity.

This month’s second attack was on Engels Air Base, which is located close to Saratov. It is approximately 730km (450 miles), southeast of Moscow.

The Russians claimed that it was hit by Ukrainian drones on Russian bases on the 5th of December.

This airbase is home to Russia’s nuclear-delivered air capability. It is also one of the two strategic bomber bases. Kyiv did not comment on the incident, as it has never claimed responsibility for any attacks in Russia.

According to the defense ministry, “A Ukrainian drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) was shot down while nearing the Engels military airport in the Saratov area.”

It said that three Russian military personnel were killed in the fall of drone debris.

Russia currently has between 60 and 70 strategic bomber aircraft of two types, the Tu-95MS Bear and the Tu-160 Blackjack. Each can carry conventional and nuclear munitions as well as nuclear bombs.

Moscow used its air force for cruise missile attacks in an attack Kyiv called war crimes.

Roman Busargin, Saratov’s region governor, stated Monday that civilian infrastructure had not been damaged by the most recent incident at the base. There was also no threat to residents.

Putin said Sunday that he is open to negotiation – an attitude Ukraine’s largest backer, the USA, previously dismissed as posturing in light of the constant Russian attacks.

Putin stated that he was ready to discuss acceptable solutions with all parties, however, it is their decision. He spoke in an interview with Rossiya 1 state TV.

According to Volodymyr Zelensky, a Ukrainian adviser, Putin must admit that it is Russia who does not want to talk.

Mykhailo Podolak, a consultant, stated on Twitter that Russia had “single-handedly attacked Ukraine” and was killing people. Russia doesn’t want to negotiate, but it tries not to take responsibility.

Russian aggression on Ukraine’s power plants has caused millions to go without electricity. Zelensky stated in an address to the nation that Moscow would make 2022 difficult and dark.

According to Russia’s defense ministry, 60 Ukrainian soldiers were killed by Russian forces on Sunday along the Kupiansk–Lyman Line of Contact. Many pieces of Ukrainian military gear were also destroyed.

According to the Kremlin, it will continue fighting until its territorial goals are met. Kyiv however claims it won’t rest until each Russian soldier has been expelled from Ukraine.


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